Being raised in a Christian home, from my childhood I was taught about Jesus Christ and the things of God. My mother made it her mission to teach me and my siblings about the love of Jesus. Despite her efforts, my brother became a drug addict. This caused many problems for my family. I remember saying to myself, "I will never be like that". I saw firsthand how that lifestyle slowly destroyed him. I vowed that I would never become like him.

Once I was out of high school, I began to go down the very road I had vowed not to travel. I started smoking marijuana. Which led me to try cocaine. My rebellion and sinful desires led me to use a host of different drugs. But cocaine was my drug of choice. Most of my nights were spent in local adult clubs where abusing alcohol was added to my list of vices.

My mom never stopped praying for me to be saved. She made up her mind to never give up until God answered her prayer. I thank God for her persistence and her faith. My days were spent listening to ungodly rock bands and attending concerts where God was denounced and blasphemed. But thanks to moms’ prayers, God’s sweet Holy Spirit was always working on me.

I was so empty. No matter what drug or pleasure I tried, happiness and peace alluded me. I could not explain it. No matter what I tried, I could not find peace or satisfaction.

 Then, I came to a point where I lost everything. I had no job, no money, and no car. I was living in a borrowed trailer with no electricity. I sat there, alone in the darkness, as Satan worked me over with his deception and lies. In misery, I began to contemplate committing suicide.

But Mom was still praying! Finally, one morning when I awoke, I sensed that God was speaking to my heart. He told me to get rid of all of the former things and to surrender my life to Him. If I would submit to Him, He promised to open doors and use me in ways I could never imagine. So, being weary from running from God, I accepted Jesus and surrendered my life to Him.

I’ll never forget that day! I took everything I had that related to my old life to the garbage dump, tossed it in the pile, and listened to the sound of it being crushed. Then, I came back to that once dark trailer and called on Jesus. In full repentance, I asked Jesus to save me! I finally real peace through God’s forgiveness and grace! I finally found satisfaction and my purpose in life. It is to proclaim the power of Jesus to set the captives free! It is to serve the risen King!

Although I have been preaching the gospel for years, I am announcing my move in to full time evangelistic ministry. If God is leading you to invite me to speak:

For bookings contact:         KEVIN CLAPP  336-309-8671


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